Artificial Turf 3/4" Height | Size: 15' x 200"


This Artificial Turf is approximately 15 feet by 16.6 feet long. It is $3.69 per square foot. Available in Diamond Blade cut only and is available in either Emerald Green or Olive Green.

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Description: Artificial Turf 3/4" Height - 35 oz. yd², MULTI TONE BROWN- GREEN | Turf Gauge: 3/8" | Backing Weight: 24 oz.yd² | Total Weight: 59 oz.yd² | Stitch Rate: 16/10 cm | Stitches/m²: 16,800 | Blades: Diamond Blade | Colors: Emerald Green, Olive Green | Type of Fiber: PE Monofilament and PP Curled as thatch

Artificial Turf is one of the best options for a low upkeep, beautiful natural grass look. Safer option for sports, lack of pesticides, and less damaging than natural grass. 


Best used for areas such as: Landscape / Lawns / Pet Areas / Traffic Medians


Residential or Commercial with Light to Heavy Traffic

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